How Long Does Codeine Stay in Your System

You always wanted to be a mother, and with the birth of your son, your dream was realized. The plan did not quite go as you thought, though. You required a c-section to save your son. Both of you were healthy and mending well in the hospital. But no one could have prepared you for […]

Codeine Side Effects

You know your daughter has been using drugs because you’ve seen the signs. Changes in her appearance and friend groups, loss of motivation, a drop in her grades, and even white residue in the bathroom and on her nightstand. With your stepson being only 8 years old, you didn’t think it was smart for her […]

Signs of Codeine Addiction

Your son has always been in the “failure to launch” phase. He is 28 and living in your basement. You know you are partially to blame, it’s easy to mother-hen him and help when he asks. He had been distant since the divorce over five years ago, and he stopped doing the things he needed […]

Codeine Overdose

Your dad has always worked hard to provide for your family. With five brothers and sisters, your mom stayed home to keep the house and your siblings in line. He didn’t mind his role, but you knew there had to be something going on for him to handle all the stress. As you got older, […]

Xanax and Suboxone

You had a wild phase when you were younger, experimenting with opioids to cope with – at the time – undiagnosed anxiety. There were times when you were lucky to make it through the night, and your mom had to make the call more than once for help with accidental overdoses. She helped you get […]

Alcohol And Opioids

You drink a few drinks at a party before a friend of yours offers you some opioids. You take the substance because your friend says you will have more fun. However, after some time passes, you feel like you are stumbling and more dizzy than you usually feel after a few drinks. Your breathing is […]

Dangers of Gabapentin and Opioids

You had taken several opioids throughout the years and had been proud that you had never experienced an overdose before. However, after a night when you took a dose from a batch of heroin that a dealer told you was the strongest yet, you woke up in the hospital. The doctor informed you that you […]

Does Medicaid Pay For Suboxone

You have been wrestling with the seemingly ongoing cycle of opioid use for the last few years. Every time you’ve pulled away, the cravings for opioids have only grown stronger. You keep thinking this time will be the time you will stop using opioids, but you always leave treatment programs before you can get anywhere […]

Hydroxyzine and Suboxone

When you decided to stop using heroin, you were nervous about withdrawal and cravings. If you went to get treatment, would they help with those concerns? Even though you had hesitations, you were ready to stop using heroin and decided to go get help. As the doctor goes over your medical history, he asks if […]

Why Do Opiates Make You Itch

It’s a normal day at work, a customer brought in a Chevy 1500 saying something felt off in the drive shaft. You have it up on the lift and are trying to diagnose the problem when you hear a loud crack and your coworkers shouting. The lift shifts to the left and all you remember […]