What Happens If You Take Too Much Suboxone

Do you worry about a loved one taking Suboxone? That if they take too much, they might return to using opioids again? It’s understandable to be worried, especially if you are unfamiliar with Suboxone and how the treatment process works. But the truth of the matter is, it’s highly unlikely for your loved one to […]

What Is A Speedball

Your son has been acting differently, to the point he’s skipping classes and thinking of dropping out of college. You can’t help but wonder – what is going on? A quick search of his phone, when he’s not looking, reveals texts about taking speedballs. What is a speedball? Searching for answers, you see it is […]

Where to Find Narcan in Johnson City

We have all seen statistics surrounding the opioid epidemic, numbers about deaths, arrests, babies born dependent, and more. Behind each number is a life – a family member, loved one, close friend, even coworker. Losing a loved one to opioids turns worlds upside down and tears families apart. What can be done? How can we […]

Opium vs Heroin

As a parent or loved one who doesn’t take substances, it can be difficult to understand the reasons behind opioid use disorders. Why did my loved one start taking heroin? Who invented it in the first place; who would make something that causes such a powerful dependence? Not to mention, why would they make something […]

How Long After Doing Heroin Can I Take Suboxone

Have you tried to stop using heroin but nothing has seemed to work? Have you thought about Suboxone but fear how bad the withdrawal process will be? You are not alone, and many have taken the path successfully to stop their heroin use. Just over 1 out of 10 people in Tennessee were prescribed Suboxone […]

Where to Find Narcan in Knoxville

The scope of the matter is simple – overdoses can happen to anyone at any time, and often to loved ones we least expect. In 2023, almost 500 suspected overdose deaths occurred in Knox County. Here at ReVIDA® Recovery, we bring education to our communities surrounding substance use and harm reduction. Our program combines therapy […]

What Are Opioid Receptors

We have heard the term for years: “the opioid crisis.” It has ripped through our Appalachian communities, taking away sons, daughters, aunts, fathers, and friends while leaving many loved ones behind with heartache. It’s hard for them to understand why opioids seem more important than the people around them. The science behind what is going […]

Codeine Withdrawals

Have you ever taken a medication – whether recreationally or prescribed – for a period of time and find yourself painfully uncomfortable when you stop? Maybe you noticed an increase in body sweat, a new level of anxiety you hadn’t had before, or pain in your joints and muscles. These are signs of withdrawal, and […]

How Long Does Opiate Withdrawal Last

It can seem like an easy feat – just stop taking opiates and everything will be fine, right? Those who have managed opiate withdrawal know that this type of advice is meaningless. Those who have tried to stop are met with pain in both the physical and mental sense, often leaving them to wonder “How […]

Functioning Heroin Addict

Do you use heroin but hold down a full-time job? Do you still put food on the table and care for your family? But at the same time, have there been days where you were too sick or too preoccupied with heroin and weren’t as present as you would have liked? Or perhaps you have […]