COVID-19 Notice for ReVIDA Recovery Centers Patients and Visitors

Updated March 18, 2020
10:00 AM


1. Please notice the signage at the door entry: “If anyone exhibits the following symptoms….please do not enter. Return to vehicle and call inside the building.”

2. After entering and checking in, patients will be asked to wait in his/her vehicle, when possible, until called for appointment.

3. Any patient who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms or reports exposure will be provided with a prescription for 14-30 days (7 days with up to 3 refills) at physician discretion. We are unable to provide testing or treatment for COVID-19. Those with symptoms will be referred to local resources for COVID-19 testing and treatment services.


•ReVIDA Recovery patients are our first concern. No patient will be left behind .

1. ReVIDA Recovery Prescribers will make all prescribing decisions based on individual patient assessment of needs, risk/benefit, and CDC and Local Emergency Management recommendations. Patient ability to access transportation will be a factor in weighing everyone’s prescription, especially where public transportation may be inaccessible.

2. If our facilities are unable to open due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, medical staff will be authorized to call in refills under the primary prescriber, with required prescriber approval.

3. ReVIDA is working diligently to offer tele-health services. Counseling and Care Coordination will still be offered. It is critical  to ensure we have your current information.


•All non-essential visitors are restricted from entry to the facility.

Thank you for working with us as we strive to provide the safest environment in which to treat patients at ReVIDA Recovery Centers.