street names for Fentanyl

street names for Fentanyl

You’ve recently started to hear your partner talk about “Muder 8” and you’re not sure what it is. Normally it’s something you either overhear when they’re talking on the phone, or you hear it in passing. They’d already been acting weird recently, missing your normal date nights and going out late at night. Now they’re talking about things you don’t understand. You decide to google the word and see what comes up.

Turns out, Murder 8 is one of the many street names for fentanyl, and it’s not the only one, either. Why is your partner talking about it? Why are they using code words? Have they been using fentanyl behind your back?

There are many different facets of substance use that most people are unaware of. Here at ReVIDA® Recovery, we believe that talking about and shedding light on these different subjects can help bring more awareness to substance use disorders as a whole. With several locations throughout Tennessee and Virginia, we work to bring awareness to our communities to help lower the stigma around substance use and recovery. Today we’re going to look at street names for fentanyl and why it’s important to be aware of them.

What Are the Brand Names for Fentanyl?

Fentanyl comes in many prescription forms. It is primarily used to assist those with severe pain, who’ve already exhausted their other options. Most commonly, it’s prescribed to cancer patients who’re going through treatment. The different types of prescription fentanyl all have their own brand names that they go by. Here are the most common ones:

  • Fentanyl patches – Duragesic® or APO-fentanyl®
  • Lozenges – Actiq®
  • Injections – Sublimaze®

street names for fentanyl at revida recovery

What Are “Street Names” and Why Are They Used?

Street names are similar to nicknames and are primarily used to talk about illicit drugs in a more subtle manner. The main purpose behind these is to not be so open and obvious about substance use when discussing it with others.

The exact street names for substances can change over time, and can also vary from region to region. While looking at lists online can give you a decent idea of what to listen for, there’s a chance that not all street names are easily available online as it would defeat their covert purpose.

Some Common Slang Names for Fentanyl

There are some street names that have been noted over time for fentanyl. This list is in line with what the DEA, CDC, and NIH have gathered. Some of these street names include:

  • Apache
  • China Girl
  • China White
  • Dance Fever
  • Friend
  • Goodfella
  • Jackpot
  • Murder 8
  • Tango and Cash
  • TNT

Another common offshoot slang name for fentanyl is rainbow fentanyl. The difference with this one, however, is that rainbow fentanyl also has a distinct appearance, but it is otherwise still just fentanyl. Rainbow fentanyl has been popping up more frequently. It is fentanyl in pill form that has been dyed in bright colors such as green, blue, yellow, and pink in order to make the drug look more appealing. It still behaves the same as fentanyl but many theorize that its bright coloring could be being used to attract a younger audience.

Are There Street Names for Fentanyl Mixed With Other Drugs?

While there are different slang names for many substances and acts, there currently aren’t any known names for fentanyl mixed with other drugs.

There is one word you should know, however, and that is lacing. Lacing refers to a substance being added to another substance, normally without the consumer’s knowledge. Lacing usually impacts or heightens the experience when taking the drugs involved.

Oftentimes, substances being laced with fentanyl aren’t intentionally sought out. This is due to fentanyl’s extreme potency, making it incredibly easy for a person to overindulge and risk overdosing. This could contribute to the lack of names for fentanyl mixed with other substances.

Why Should You Be Aware of Fentanyl Street Names?

Even if the lists available online might not always be all-inclusive, having a decent idea of the street names for different substances is still important. Education is never a bad thing, especially surrounding substance use. Being in the know could help you notice a change in a loved one’s behavior. This opens up the possibility for better communication and understanding, as well as being able to take the proper steps to help them if they need it.

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The Options for Recovering From Fentanyl Addiction in Tennessee

Here in Tennessee, cases involving fentanyl have more than doubled from 2019 to 2020. Whether you stumbled into fentanyl use due to lacing, you sought it out on your own, or perhaps a friend recommended it to you – you’re always going to be able to start your recovery journey.

Here at ReVIDA® Recovery, we’ve heard every story possible. Substance use is not a singular story, but many stories from many different people and walks of life. It impacts everyone in different ways, and we want to help all of you find your recovery path and help you start to walk it.

We want to be able to help everyone in our communities throughout Appalachia. This is why we accept more than just private insurance – we work with Medicaid patients, too. Our patients are also always welcome back, no matter why they left our doors. Whether it was because they completed the program or they changed their mind, we’re here to help you again and again.

It may seem like a return to use means you’ve failed, but that’s not the case. The importance is what you do afterward – that’s what really defines you.

We offer medication-assisted treatment for our patients who are coming to us looking to recover from fentanyl use. MAT is known to boost the outcomes of those going through recovery if they complete the MAT program. Not only does it suppress cravings, but it also works to block the impact of opioids in order to discourage future use and prevent overdoses.

If you would like to get started today, our ReVIDA® Recovery team is here and ready to help. Whether it’s MAT or outpatient programming, we have what you need to build a strong foundation for your recovery. Reach out to us today at (844) 972-4673 and we can get started whenever you’re ready.

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What street drug contains fentanyl?

It’s not always possible to know what street drugs might contain fentanyl as the cases of fentanyl lacing have gone up over the years. This occurs when dealers add other substances, like fentanyl, to their products in order to cut costs while enhancing the experience. The best way to know if a street drug contains fentanyl is by using fentanyl testing strips.

What is fentanyl’s urban name?

There are many different street names for fentanyl. Some of the most well-known ones include TNT, Apache, China Town, Dance Fever, Friend, Goodfellas, Jackpot, Murder 8, King Ivory, and Great Bear.

Why is it called rainbow fentanyl?

Rainbow fentanyl is a pill form of fentanyl that is usually colored in bright pigments. It’s strongly theorized this is being used to better popularize the drug and make it look more appealing, especially to younger audiences.